here comes the feeling you thought you'd forgotten

Swimming in troubled waters with the modern world's rage, but with the frail poetry of another era.

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Michael Foucault goes up to the counter and orders an iced coffee. Is his choice a product of his past or his present? Aren’t we all just at the whim of the power structures that control our society? Should we abandon this Starbucks and take control of our own beverages? What do we know about coffee? What do any of us know about anything? The barista, not surprisingly, quits her job.

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The Painting (2011) dir. by Jean-François Laguionie

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October 19. The inner world can only be experienced, not described.
Franz Kafka, The Blue Octavo Notebooks (via kafkaesque-world)

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when someone casually mentions the thing ur obsessed with


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English class

I Write Sins Not Tradgedgdegedgies

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